Prateek Grand City - Camellia

Prateek grand city is a wonderful residential project crafted to make the residents feel totally free from hustle-bustle city lifestyle. There is no apartment at the ground part and it is designed for recreation, playgrounds, circulations and parks. The project is established in the middle of greeneries that include social infrastructure in close proximity to the establishment like clubhouses, nursing home, retail shops, amphitheatre, primary school, police station and many more infrastructures to lead a self-sustainable lifestyle. The project prateek grand city camellia is developed in such a way that all the vehicles including cars are stopped before the grant entrance plaza in order to avoid the car drop offs or vehicle movements towards the project.

Grand city camellia is complete pedestrian friendly which is a unique concept developed to favor the pedestrians to cross and move on the road without worrying about the vehicles. There are series of garden provided in the residential project according to the European impressive garden as each and every courtyard is combined together. The popular gardens in prateek grand camellia are based on the palaces of France and Versailles and each courtyard is named after floral names like zinnia, petunia, begonia and camellia. The architectural works informs more about classical renaissance period that has flat piers, screens, frescos, pitched roofs, fenestration, entablature and many more.

Overall, the themed classical renaissance work includes all sorts of modern facilities and amenities needed for futuristic lifestyle in addition to the colorful means of palatial gardens and palatial era. You can also get breathtaking residential project with excellent specifications and floor plans. By residing inside the Prateek grand city, you will feel like residing inside delightful community where your dreams will turn to be certainty in the midst of themed classical garden with poetic flow. The poetic flow is linked with the project because it is named after floral names in order to bring wonders and fantasies to the garden. In this community, your neighbors turn to be your friends with plenty of amenities available. The price list of the garden is reasonable when compared to the handsome and elegant architectural works and state of the art amenities.

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